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Luisa María Acevedo
Legal Director

Luisa María is the Director and Founder of the Research Group on Transitional Justice, Lands and Peace at the Universidad de los Andes. She is a pre- and postgraduate Professor in the Law Department at the University of the Andes, teaching such topics as Property and Legal Rights and Property in Times of War. She is also a Master’s Professor of Law in the Restitution of Lands, Economy and Transition. Currently, she is the Legal Director at Suyo. She has been a consultant in issues of ownership for various public entities and NGOs, as well as the Senior Lawyer in the Land Restitution Unit. Additionally, she served as Director of the project “Penitentiary and Prison Population and Victims of internal armed conflict in Colombia” for the Ombudsman. She has served as Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Law, as well as Legal Advisor of the First Committee of the Congress of the Republic.